Do Medical Assistants Require Proper Qualification and Training?

Healthcare industry is a big business sector. It needs a good management to keep it going smoothly. However, efficient management comes through proper training and certification. It is important that medical office assistant learn to plan, supervise, direct and coordinate the delivery of healthcare to help clinical experts concentrate on the patient care. The medical assistant courses give them the valuable experience required to enter the medical office management field.

The medical office management program is designed to meet the needs and standard of the medical community. Students are trained to understand the principles of medical office work. The professionals perform highly specialized tasks that demands knowledge of medical administrative procedures. They are highly proficient in performing variety of duties essential to run a medical organization successfully.

Education required to become a medical Assistant?

Students interested in a career as a medical assistant should ideally learn biology, anatomy and chemistry during their high school education. Employers prefer to hire assistants who have completed postsecondary education programs. These programs are available in vocational schools, universities, technical schools and colleges and take 1 year to complete. The programs lead to either a certificate or diploma. However, you may find some colleges and community offering 2 years programs to achieve an associate degree. The programs include laboratory and classroom practices along with courses in anatomy and medical terminology. Some states demand assistants to graduate from accredited program, attend exams and perform advanced level tasks including how to provide injections and take X-rays.

Besides, the medical assistants need to possess a few important qualities to make their day-to-day tasks much easier

Interpersonal skills: the medical assistants should be able to discuss patient’s information and their problems with the doctors. They should interact with the patient and understand their difficulties and make them feel comfortable.

Analytical skills: the medical assistants should be able to comprehend and follow medical charts and diagnostic and are also required to code a patient’s medical records for preparing the billing.

Technical skills: the assistants should have sound knowledge in handling clinical equipment to check patient’s vital signs including blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and much more to add.

Detail oriented skills: the medical assistants need to be precise in recording patient’s information as both the doctors and the insurance companies highly rely on the correct data and records.

Training and certification for the medical assistants

Many medical assistants who do not have the required postsecondary education usually learn the skills through the on-job training. The professionals teach them the new medical terminology, make them acquainted with the clinical instruments, the daily routine tasks, how to interact with the patients and other important activities to keep the medical organization smoothly. The assistants are also trained on how to code both electronic and paper health records and the overall patient information. However, depending on the facilities available, it typically takes a few months for an assistant to complete their training and acquire medical office certificate.

For more info – plastic surgeon Dr Michael ZachariaStudents who aspire to earn both industry and academic credentials choose to enroll in a healthcare program that prepares students for several examinations. Students are trained to procure the industry-relevant knowledge and skills that employers seek for. These may include

Minor surgeries

Reception work

For performing specific medical tests such as phlebotomy, urinalysis, processing and recording pharmacological data, EKG or X Rays

Records management


Booking appointments

Insurance billing.

Through certification, students validate their training, competence and assured employers that they are qualified for entry-level position and also to perform all the important duties in a healthcare facility. Healthcare providers greatly rely on the skills and authentic certificates of the medical assistants to professionally and efficiently manage a medical office.