15 year old gang raped, beaten and robbed while people walked by and DID NOTHING. When I heard the story, I wept. For a long time. Then I dried my eyes and sent out a press release. Then, I took off my gloves and made a vow. Today is a pivotal day at Honor the Girl LLC. I’ve always known I will do all I can in my power to EMPOWER parents and teen girls in today’s new world, but today, something shifted. Something visceral happened. It’s more than a knowing. It’s….non-negotiable. Honor the Girl LLC will continue to Honor the Girl to Better the World until I no longer draw breath. It’s just that simple.

I’m fighting for our girls. I’m doing all I know to teach mothers how to be the front of defense for their girls in today’s anything goes world. I’m teaching mothers the new parenting rules for today’s new world. I’m teaching girls that they don’t HAVE to drink the cultural kool aide and be the boy teasing pixies that Abercrombie and Fitch would like them to believe they have to be. Nor do girls have to be the boy destroyers like Lady GaGa would like them to believe they have to be. They don’t have to buy into the media’s message like the posted picture of Dolce and Gabbana’s ad that looks pretty disrespectful to girls.

Girls really can be nice, kind, respectful, ordinary looking, wonderful people. That is enough! Really!

If you want to join in helping the world learn to honor the girl so YOUR teen girl isn’t the next gang rape victim or the perpetrator of a crime, as so many girls are becoming today…. buy Laid or Loved? and read it then give it to your daughter. I wrote it to help mothers and daughters who want to learn about self-respect and how to show respect to others.

 I’m teaching listening skills and parenting classes at schools, non-profits and here at my office. I’m teaching parents about the effects of technology use on our teens (changes their brains) and the effect of the media and what parents can do. Contact me if you would like more information about how you or your group can learn to Honor the Girl to Better the World.

I’m fighting for our girls. I hope you will join me. They are worth it.