List of Healthy Snacks and Why Snacks are a MUST

Snacking Advice from Dr. Dave

I recommend snacking between meals in order to lose weight.

Generally, I think that 100 or so calories at a time is appropriate. This seems to lessen hunger for those larger meals of the day and keep the metabolism going strong. It also helps maintain blood glucose levels so that the body does not start to conserve calories.

If you are hungry – go ahead and eat something. It is the right thing to do.

Pack a Snack

Whenever I leave the house, I’ve learned to pack a snack. I usually grab a granola or soyjoy bar. When I’m really good, I stick an apple and piece of cheese in a ziploc bag. Or if I’ve really planned ahead, I have snack bags portioned with sunchips, cereal, or homemade snack mix.

When I’m out without a snack or need another one, I resort to eating part of a candy bar (staying under 200 calories).


The morning I woke up knowing I had to eat every 2-3 hours, I was so excited.

Have you seen the Food Lovers Fat Loss infomercials on tv? I’d been looking for a new source of healthy recipes (I’m always on the lookout for new family favorites). This system was just a little cheaper than other ones I’d researched on the internet.

So I ordered Food Lovers Fat Loss.

Snacking (eating every 2-3 hours) is a major part of Food Lovers Fat Loss. Why? Because when you go longer without eating, your body thinks you are entering a starving situation. And your body has a great survival tactic – take what you just ate and store as much of it as possible as fat, read on Whoa!

When you eat every 2-3 hours your body keeps a HIGHER METABOLISM, so you burn fat instead of storing it. What’s the catch? You can’t eat like a pig – you end up eating smaller meals and appropriate snacks every 2-3 hours. That’s the key.

This was an unexpected blessing for me because I get hypoglycemic (low blood sugar – making me grumpy and sometimes exhausted). My husband, Dr. Dave, brought home medical information saying I should be eating smaller meals and snacks in between. That alone wasn’t enough to break what my culture had been telling me my whole life (that I should be eating 3 square meals and nothing else). It took the fantastic Food Lovers Fat Loss information to change my mind.

I also wondered why after making a super healthy dinner for our family, we were all hungry later that night. We’re supposed to be! And we’re supposed to eat a snack – it can even be dessert. 🙂

I wish everyone had the Food Lovers Fat Loss information in their homes – I heartily recommend buying it as an investment in your health.