Parent Needs YOUR Advice

All of us raising teen girls can use some advice from other parents. And support! It’s tough these days to raise a daughter. Here’s a concerned parent asking for help. Please lend some advice by leaving a comment (scroll all the way down to find the box). If you have a burning question, send it to [email protected] I’ll post. If there are enough questions, and I’ll start sending out a daily email so you can help each other more easily. 

Here’s the dilemma:

I MUST KNOW how to parent one strong willed teenager alongside TWO other teenage daughters (one is even her TWIN sister) who stick to the rules.  I always feel like I’m harping on the one child and she feels it too, but she pushes nearly every thing she does “to the limit”.  She’s adorable and affectionate one minute and pouty and moody to anyone in her path the next.  She lies and gets mad when she’s caught (which is pretty easy to have happen when you attend school with two watchful siblings!)

I also MUST KNOW how to motivate the “couch potato” teenager!  “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink!”  I can set the standard and preach all I want about exercise and what it does for the body and the brain, but no amount of support in this arena gets the one teenager up and out the door.

Ok, scroll down to the comment box and pass along some help please!

Option two: email me and I’ll pass it along to the parent.