Semenax – the harbinger of glad tidings

Albion Medical struck gold when they introduced Semenax, the 100% natural herbal supplement in the market. The supplements are worth their weight in gold for men who have gone the whole mile without adequate sex for one reason or another.  The latest reviews are full of comments from users who used Semenax as a last resort in the hope of resurrecting their virility and sexual potency. They marvel at the efficacy of these supplements, which have women drooling over their men again. This product has run the whole gamut with certified labs and the suppliers are now confident that their product is par excellence in volume enhancement and riotous lovemaking both for the male as well as the female.


Several micronutrients in the composition of Semenax together with chemicals that boost the metabolic structure of the male are responsible for increased semen volume, deeper and harder lunges and thrusts and firmer and a tremendous surge of clear, healthy semen with increased sperm count. This supplement on is a boon to men with lessening libido who wish to increase their fertility or just enjoy the powered contractions that prolong the ecstasy of the orgasm. The player and the partner find complete satiety in their lovemaking as the woman derives maximum pleasure as she climaxes to the hilt with the energized thrusts and duration of the contractions.


The ingredients like the Swedish pollen extract, catuaba bark and pumpkin seeds selected carefully from different parts of Europe, South America and China are carefully blended with amino acids like Argenine and Lysine, which are responsible for firmer erections and better quantity of semen. Combined with resistance exercises and a healthy diet devoid of smoking and excessive drinking, the male libido derives maximum pleasure and performs at his optimum level. The woman in question is overawed at the performance, size and volume of the ejaculations that she transcends to a higher level with multiple orgasms.


The reason for this increase male potency is evident. A regular intake of one tablet a day for at least 3 to 6 months counters any diffidence, inadequacy or limp erections etc. and invigorates the man. Semenax is a reputed product and has no known side effects. Even though one sees positive results in the first few days, it is important to stay on the supplements after the initial phase for a while longer to ensure that the various muscle groups in the body are strengthened and toned. Introduce these “magic pills” into your home for amazing results and exciting hours of pure “adult” pleasure.